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As a couple we turned our joint passions from years of collecting into the basis of our Ashh Collectables online store and information website.  Helen uses her knowledge in the selection of Quality Vintage Vanities including: Powder Compacts such as, Vogue, Stratton, Kigu, Mascot, Le Rage.  Perfume Bottles: Art Deco, Antique, Studio. Quality Vintage Jewellery by Designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Monet, Lea Stein, Butler&Wilson, Coro and Charles Horner.

Anthony brings his own selection of Contemporary and Vintage Glass  with names like Whitefriars, Murano, Chribska, Holmegaard, Iittala Kosta and Orrefors.  Ceramics like Poole, Beswick, Hornsea as well as West German Pottery. In addition we  even select the occasional iinteresting book or painting.

Ashh Collectables  is already known by some people from the Vintage, Antique and Collectors fairs which we stand at throughout the year . We are proud of the items we list whatever their value might be.  I’m sure in this Ashh Collectables online store we will maintain our policy of super items at reasonable prices delivered quickly with the minimum of fuss.
Thank you for visiting our Ashh Collectables and hope you find something that interests you.
Helen and Anthony

New Acquisitions





Rare Lilac Colourway  Geoffrey Baxter Whitefriars Pattern 9727



For more information go to our  Whitefriars  Glass Page.







Iconic Whitefriars Coffin Vase in Cinnamon.


For more information go to our Whitefriars  Glass Page.







Super 50s Per Lutken Rondo Vase.


For more information go to our Scandanavian  Glass Page.







From the 1970s is this  iconic Orrefors Lars Hellsten Corona Bowl



For more information go to our Scandanavian Glass Page.



Rare Unused KIGU Circa 60s - See details and more photos on Vintage Powder Compact page

Vintage circa 50s Vintage VOLUPTE USA Gold tone Seahorse Powder 


See details and more photos on Vintage Powder Compact  page

40s Unused Gold Tone small STRATTON ‘Punt’ Loose Powder Compact 


See Vintage Powder Compact page


Vintage 30s ROWENTA Enamel and Petit Point Powder Compact


See details and more photos on Vintage Powder Compact page

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